'Our work is carried out independently and in community partnerships.

We have a strong commitment to "changing minds and lives for better" despite the hardships

and challenges that our service users face'

We have a strong presence in our local community and have worked with several hundreds of service-users over the years we have been in operation. On a daily basis our staff and volunteers engage with our service-users in;

Children's Schools

Their Homes

Community Hubs

Virtual Platforms

Our Office

Our primary services are delivered by our advocates and caseworkers to tackle issues and needs involving;

Social Welfare and Well-Being

Education Sustainment

Personal Development


We are supported by the following organisations:


We are a children and young people charity based in the London Borough of Lambeth. Since 2005 we have provided various support services and project for our service users. 

Lambeth is a very challenging area for children and young people to thrive in. Communities across the borough are affected by youth violence, gangs, schools exclusions and numerous social welfare issues. The residents and community services have tripled their efforts to address the issues for themselves or via local statutory and voluntary services.