We are passionate about children and young people. We support them from the age 7 to 19 and their families to identify:

  • Genius, academic and career potential.
  • Empowerment opportunities to make positive life changes.
  • Personal development, education and learning support.
  • Community initiatives and partnerships projects to aid community development.
  • Opportunities to access information and resources for social welfare lifestyle and cultures as it matters to them and their communities.

Our aims

We aim to

  • Empower – engage young people and their parents in personal development programmes to foster their growth and independence.
  • Support – support young people to meaningfully engage and make valued contributions to society.
  • Advocate – provide advocacy and casework to challenge inequalities.
  • Participate - in community partnerships that are children and young people focused, on raising the academic and the social aspirations of young people.

Our teams of Key working, Community Outreach, Training and Development, Relaxation therapy, Drama therapy, Casework, Mentoring, Administrative, Management and Volunteers and Workers are making invaluable contributions to young people and community services.

Aiming High

We are inspiring young people to “aim high and achieve more”. Our personal development programmes support young people to focus on their academic and social aspirations to achieve the best outcomes. We support children and young people to overcome numerous challenges and life experiences impacting on their personal and peer well being. Our community outreach and in-house workers have a real commitment to tackle social exclusion, poverty, unemployment, gang cultures, crime, and other disadvantages to ensure that young people accessing our service are able to have personal growth and better life experiences.


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